4x4 Vehicles in Spokane

Why is a 4x4 Vehicle the Right Choice for Spokane, WA Drivers?


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Having toured the extensive lineup of new cars, trucks, and SUVs galore here on East Sprague Avenue, you've probably found something to appreciate in every model, from Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Charger to Jeep Wrangler JK and Ram 2500 and everything in between.

But you probably noticed that your choice of drivetrain -- which transmits a vehicle's power to its wheels -- is fourfold, ranging from "front- or two-wheel" and "rear-wheel" to "all-wheel" and "four-wheel" or 4x4. You also might have gotten the gist that some vehicles are more often one type than another. If it seems like a lot to process, not to worry -- our experts here at Dishman Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep are here not only to help you explore the differences, but also to show you why a new 4x4 vehicle is the smart choice for the roads and unbeaten paths in and around Spokane.


Front- or two-wheel-drive systems locate the entire drive package, from engine and transmission to differential and wheels, in the front of the vehicle. They're designed to meet the needs of the everyday traveler, from the daily grind's commute to ferrying the family between school and recreational venues to that long-planned weekend getaway. Though a FWD/2WD vehicle gets the job done, it's with less push than that of a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) system, found in many entry-level performance cars, wherein in a driveshaft transmits power from the front engine to the back wheels, using a differential for 90-degree turns.

But Spokane, located in our Northern and Canadian Rockies ecoregion neighborhood, along the Spokane River, with the Rocky Mountain foothills to the east, Cascades Range to the west, the rolling hills of the Palouse to the south, and significant winter snowfall, needs a different animal altogether. Its various and sundry landscapes and restless climate call for all-wheel-drive (AWD) or four-wheel-drive (4WD), also called 4x4, systems, wherein all four of a vehicle's wheels get power from the engine.

You can often find AWD on sports cars like Dodge Challenger, sedans like Chrysler 300, or even SUVs like Dodge Journey or Durango, while 4x4 systems usually present in new trucks and SUVs like RAM 1500 and Jeep Cherokee. Though both systems appear to do the same thing, they differ in kind. For one, an AWD car or SUV only delivers four-wheel power when needed -- called part-time AWD. But even vehicles with permanent AWD don't usually offer the settings off-roaders need for the thick of Mother Nature, whether that's tacking across slippery, sleet-blown winter surfaces, lugging a trailerful through her inclemency or climbing her steep, craggy, weather-beaten inclines.

4x4 vehicles, on the other hand, do, with better acceleration and a lower torque range resulting in the ability to get up and go with far better traction. Plus, they usually showcase features you won't find elsewhere, ones that give you an idea of the kind of driving and diverse towing and hauling utility for which they're made -- raised ground clearance, a shielded underbody, an articulating hitch, tow hooks, heavy-duty tires and the like. That means better reliability for many different traveling conditions, especially here in Washington. And as a bonus, four-wheel-drive might mean a higher resale value down the road, since it can benefit you and yours all season long.

Eager to learn more? Feel free to peruse the new 4x4 SUV and truck lineup we make available right here on our website, and when it's time to get the firsthand experience, stop by for a visit and a test drive. We'll be happy to talk shop on what a new 4WD vehicle can mean for you!

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