At Dishman Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep, we want to make sure that the Spokane community and you always know that you can trade-in or sell your car to our dealership! Whether you are interested in purchasing a new or used car from our dealership or you'd like to turn your car into cash, we are always here to run the numbers and give you a quote for your vehicle. There are numerous benefits to trading in or selling your vehicle to our dealership!

Get Everything Done Quickly

It is much easier to sell your vehicle, collect your cash, and be on your way when you get everything done in one place. So, when you come into our dealership, whether you want to use your car as a trade-in for a newer one or sell it for cash, we are dedicated to making the process quick and easy.

You Will Spend Less Time Selling Your Vehicle

Not only will you get your vehicle sold fast if you do it with our dealership, but you also won't have to schedule sayings such as meetings with private buyers. You also won't have to worry about them not showing up or taking them on test drives.

You Don't Have to Worry About Fixing Your Vehicle Up

When you sell your vehicle to Dishman Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep or trade it in, you don't have to prepare your vehicle as much as you would if you sold it to a private party. For example, if your vehicle needs new tires or an oil change, you won't have to worry about it as our dealership can take care of it. This makes bringing your vehicle for service very convenient when you need a fast quote. Also, if you are upgrading your vehicle to a new car, you can easily find out the trade-in value.